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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Band General Update

Hello everyone, we have been really busy over the past couple of years so the updates here have been VERY scarce. We apologize for this and hope going forward, we can keep more regular updates flowing. A few bits of information that i'm happy to share is that we had a very successful 2017 and are now 3rd section locally. Also, we are planning on recording a new CD to add to our collection.

Unfortunately this year we were unable to attend the areas at Swansea due to adverse weather conditions, we didn't make this decision lightly as we put all our effort in getting the piece ready for the day. We are attending the next local competition located at Cardiff, this coming Saturday, and can't wait to show what we can achieve in this new section.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Winners of SEWBBA Contest

After 5 years since the last time OSB came first, we are ecstatic to of come first place at the SEWBBA Merthyr contest which was held in Rhyd-a-Car Leisure Centre, playing " A Malvern Suite". We are glad that we got this result, as the work that the whole band put in for this day was monumental. Rehearsal after rehearsal, we tried our best to " Perfect " A Malvern Suite to the best of our abilities. The band is delighted that Glyn Williams, the adjudicator on the day liked our rendition of this well written piece of music.

Thanks to all those who wished us well for the day and also those who congratulated us on the win.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Awards Results

Conductors Player of the Year
Terry Wells

Most improved under 25
Jordan Day-Williams

Most Improved over 25
Kevin Francis

Bands Player of the Year
Kevin Francis

Congratulations to all.